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Specializing in:

  • Business & Commercial Law 

  • Property Law

  • Wills, Estates & Probates

  • Family Law

  • Other Services

  • Languages: English, Czech, Russian, Polish





We focus on small, medium and family businesses and understand the challenges that come with operating one. Whether you’re starting out your venture, selling or buying a business, or have encountered a dispute – we provide cost-effective solutions for all of your business’ legal needs. We offer a no-nonsense approach tailored to achieving your commercial goals. We provide solutions, not just yes or no answers. So you can have legal peace of mind and get on with what you do best.

Our services include:​

  • Purchase and sale of businesses

  • Partnership agreements

  • Franchises

  • Business structuring

  • Contract advice and creation

  • Leases and property law

  • Licensing and permits

  • Loan agreements

  • Succession planning

  • Debt recovery



We are a well rounded firm practising both commercial and residential property matters, including conveyancing. Our property lawyers can guide you through all the complexity of property law, including transfers, subdivisions, developments and disputes.



Conveyancing is a process of transferring legal title of real estate from one party to another. Strongmark Legal provide a comprehensive service from initial advice, to negotiating your contract and finalising settlement.  


In short, property lawyers can provide legal advice in all areas of the law, while conveyancers cannot. Therefore we provide better value for money. This is because if there is a legal problem with your sale or purchase outside the scope of a basic conveyance,  a conveyancer cannot assist you and by law must refer you to a lawyer. Using a property lawyer gives you greater peace of mind because a legal practitioner is serving you. So if there’s a hiccup in your transaction or a complex legal issue arises, you don’t have to worry about engaging another professional, Strongmark Legal have you covered.


Our services include:

  • Sale and purchase of property

  • Auction Contracts

  • Preparation/review of Contracts and Section 32 (Vendor's Statements)

  • Subdivisions 

  • Loan agreements & mortgages (incl. Legal advice)

  • Application for replacement of certificate of title

  • Leases – commercial and retail

  • Lodgement of caveats

  • Retirement village contracts

  • Any property issue



Regardless of your marital status or whether or not you have children, every person should have a Will, and to update it when circumstances arise. Making a Will is a positive step you can take to provide for the people you care about; and leave particular items to certain people.  Our experienced lawyers can guide you through the entire process of drafting a Will and can also offer additional Power of Attorney services as well as Estate planning.



If you have been named as an Executor, or if a loved one has died with or without a Will, Strongmark Legal can help you with the Probate and Administration of the Estate. With our prompt and thorough attention to each step and legal requirement, it is our aim to make this process as quick and stress free as for you as possible.



If you have been left out of a Will, or have not been properly provided for and are thinking of contesting a Will, Strongmark Legal can help you understand your rights and options and offer a practical, outcome driven approach to protect your best interests.


Our services include:

  • Drafting your Will

  • Estate planning

  • Reviewing your current Will

  • Probate

  • Contesting a Will

  • Letters of Administration

  • Survivorship Applications

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Supreme Court application for Part VI (Family Maintenance) claims

  • Superannuation death benefit claims


Our family and divorce lawyers are here to assist you during difficult family circumstances. We understand this process can be a emotional and difficult period, that’s why we treat our clients with empathy and strive to obtain fair and just outcomes for them.


We have been practising family law since our inception, so you can rest assured you have experienced lawyers acting for you.


Our services include:

  • Divorce applications and settlement

  • Property settlement

  • Children’s issues

  • Spousal maintenance

  • De facto relationship

  • Binding financial agreements

  • Court orders

  • International family law disputes

  • Family passport application



Our vision is to be a law firm that clients value for our people and performance. This vision guides everything we do.


One key element of our strategy is to maintain our portfolio approach to offer flexible service and pricing models to meet the market's need for high-volume legal services that are streamlined, simplified and affordable and for advice and representation from people they know and trust on business critical issues. This range of need is symptomatic of the challenging market environments our clients operate within.


Our vision and strategy is underpinned by our values, which guide how we do things at Strongmark Legal:


  • Client-first—putting our clients at the heart of everything we do

  • Honest—always being authentic, ethical and behaving with integrity

  • Agile—open to change, adapting to challenges and uncertainty

  • Walk the talk—leading by example and showing the way

By behaving in these ways, staying focused and streamlining our processes, we really do put our clients at the heart of everything we do.


We provide an extensive list of professional legal services for both businesses and individuals.  Please view our breath of legal services.

We seek to create long-term relationships with our clients and that’s why we offer flexible payment options. These payment options vary upon what legal service you’re seeking.


We offer:

  • Fixed fee services

  • Retainers

  • Estimated total cost

  • Hourly rates



In order to deliver the best integrated and individualised assistance to clients, Strongmark Legal works in cooperation with carefully selected experts in their fields, which share the same highest standards of quality of services provided to our clients, areas of their expertise include the following:

  • Accounting and Taxation

  • Business Advisory and Succession Planning

  • Finance and Mortgage advice

  • Asset Protection and Trusts

  • Investment Advice

  • Wealth creation and Management



Strongmark Legal

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Suite 2, 1265 Nepean highway, Cheltenham, Victoria, 3192

Tel: +61 3 8521 0622

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